Are You Ready to Own a Golden Retriever Puppy?

If you're searching for your new best friend and happen to think about buying a golden retriever puppy, well, you're on the right track. However, before you buy the next golden retriever puppy you find, make sure your personality can match your soon-to-be puppy.

A golden retriever puppy is one of the most famous breeds. These kinds of dogs are known to be loyal, energetic, kind and spirited. With different shades of cream and gold, a golden retriever puppy has a love for water and a talent to retrieve. These are the reasons why golden retrievers are known to be the embodiment of brains and beauty.

Even with golden retriever puppies, their double coat is weather resistant and water repellent. Although some golden retrievers have resilient outer coats, others have straight or wavy coats. On the other hand, the under coats are usually soft and dense. Be aware, however, that the golden retriever can be a strong shedder.

Meet the Personality of a Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden retriever puppies are one of the most favorite breeds for companion or pet because they are large, good-looking, agile, perceptive and energetic breeds. Unlike other dogs, you can be able to see that they are well proportioned and sturdy, even for a young golden retriever puppy. They can also impress people for their capabilities in hunting on both water and land.

Golden retrievers are highly intelligent. They exude politeness, charm, sweetness and confidence. They can be a perfect companion because they are eager to please. However, they can become destructive or mischievous if left alone for a long time. While they sometimes become overly enthusiastic, they are always patient and gentle when kids pet them. Majority of golden retrievers tend to bark since this is their way of greeting.

If you're a busy person and no one can look after the golden retriever puppy, buying one may not be a good idea. This is because these kinds of dogs require plenty of human interaction and thorough maintenance, like daily brushing and regular shampooing.

Unfortunately, golden retrievers are prone to gaining weight and developing cataracts, hip dysplasia and different kinds of allergies. For this reason, regular veterinarian checkups should be followed.

One of the best characteristics of golden retrievers is that they are very easy to train due to their obedient personalities. So if you're looking for a good companion, a healthy and energetic playmate and an obedient hunter, then a golden retriever puppy is perfect for you.