Tips on Basic Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden retriever puppy training should begin as soon as you bring the puppy into your home. It is a good idea to decide on what rules and boundaries should be enforced before you even choose the puppy. Boundaries include where in the home the puppy is allowed travel for example. Golden retriever puppy training is very important as what you teach the pup within the first few weeks will probably stay with the dog throughout their lives. Once you decide on rules and boundaries for your pup it is important to stick with them as it can be confusing if you let the pup jump on a chair one day and then punish them for it the next day. It is important to both establish and consistently enforce the rules when training your golden retriever puppy.

There are many areas that a golden retriever puppy needs training with including, chewing, biting and barking. It is important to encourage good habits and discourage bad habits straight away. When a pup starts to nip, the owner should firmly say no and remove themselves from the puppy's reach, taking attention away from the pup or else distracting the pup with a toy. In order to stop destructive habits, the puppy should not be left unattended for too long at first. They sometimes need to chew on something when they are teething and if you catch them chewing on furniture it is important to encourage them to chew a toy instead. Golden retriever puppies are generally quiet dogs but can be encouraged to bark at strangers. This is up to the owner but it is important that your dog does not become a nuisance to the neighbors. You may prefer them to bark when a stranger knocks at the door for example, but you should also train them to stop once you command it. Good training is an important process for a Golden Retriever puppy.

Professional Golden Retriever Puppy Training Classes

A well trained pet provides a welcome addition to any family and many people turn to professional services in order to perform decent golden retriever puppy training. Obedience classes are popular and often recommended as most people do not have the skills or the time necessary to provide proper puppy training to their Golden Retriever. Before deciding on a professional service, the owner of the pup should do some research in to the services available in their area as some trainers do not produce the same results as others and many do not provide proper training in the right surroundings.

Once a person begins training their golden retriever puppy through regular classes, they must ensure that they continue the classes until the trainer agrees that the pup is fully trained in order to gain the most benefit out of the sessions. The trainer should enable the owner to teach the pup all of the rules and commands necessary for them to be an obedient pup. Many dog breeders are now offering fully trained pups for purchase at a higher price. Obedience classes can be expensive but the benefits are usually worth it, especially if the pup has destructive tendencies as the owner will often need to replace damaged furniture so it is cheaper to properly train the pup in the first place.