Information on Golden Retrievers for Prospective Owners

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland in the 19th Century and were accepted into Kennel Clubs across the world in the 20th Century. There is some important information on Golden Retrievers that owners and prospective owners should know. Their life expectancy is usually 12 to 14 years and they are an extremely popular dog due to their facial expressions, appearance and temperament. They make good show dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs and also make excellent family pets. They are very sociable dogs and get on well with adults, children and other animals. Their coats can be long or short and the colors vary from pale cream to dark gold. They need to be brushed every week to prevent matting on the coat and their hair molts very easily. They can be bred with poodles to create a non-molting dog.

There is a lot of information on Golden Retrievers available either in books or on the Internet as there are many breeders of this dog. In order to stay healthy, these dogs need plenty of exercise and can live indoors or outdoors as they settle easily in either case. If a Golden Retriever has an illness, the owner should get information from their vets about how to take care of them properly. These dogs need a lot of attention, as they can get lonely and sad very easily, social interaction is necessary on a daily basis. Their size means that they need frequent exercise and attention and as they are liable to become easily overweight, the owner must be prepared to take a great deal of care with their dog. Anyone looking for a golden retriever should read any available information on their health and care.

Information on Adding a Golden Retriever to the Family

Dog owners should be certain they have enough information on Golden Retrievers before trying to add one to the family. These dogs are very popular for many reasons, have many varieties and need a lot of care and attention and it is important that their owners have researched into information available on golden retrievers. Adding any dog to a family is an important process and takes a good deal of consideration which is why prospective owners should ensure that they have all the information on Golden Retrievers before making a commitment. This can include the care, health and problems with the dog.

These dogs are usually added to a family as a pup, which is a much easier transition than accepting an adult dog into the family. The dog should be introduced to every member of the family including other dogs and it is important that the dog gets enough attention and exercise or it could become depressed, especially if it has been used to good treatment by its former owner. An eye should be kept on the dogs eating habits as they have a strong tendency to overeat. Care should be taken if toddlers are in the home because although these dogs are friendly and affectionate, they can be too large to comfortably play with a small child. Anyone who is interested in getting a Golden Retriever should find out as much information as possible beforehand.