Is a Golden Retriever Dog Perfect for your Family?

Many people mistake golden retriever dogs for Labradors. Although Labradors and golden retriever dogs do come from similar ancestors, they differ widely because of their coats, hairs, height, length, personality and skills.

Golden retriever dogs have irresistible eyes, powerful built and energetic personalities. They are built with strong jaws, which make them a great playmate for their ability to retrieve. While golden retriever dogs are known for being top breeds due to their beauty and intelligence.

Although golden retriever dogs are normally larger than other dogs, they are never aggressive. Golden retriever dogs are naturally obedient, making them easy to live with. They love children and acts gentle in their company. They have a weakness for playing and socializing. Because of this, you can never trust golden retriever dogs in guarding your house because they are always eager to meet new people and play with them.

Unlike other breeds, a golden retriever dog effortlessly understands and respects orders. They are easy to teach tricks and rules because of their quick learning abilities. You don't have to worry about repeating instructions several times.

Maintaining a Golden Retriever Dog

As its name suggest, a golden retriever dog is crazy about retrieving objects and playing games. It also loves the water and is a very impressive swimmer and hunter. They are perfect as a guide dog and can be a very good "search and rescue dog".

Although most large dogs doesn't live long, golden retriever dogs are an exception. They could live over twelve years. It doesn't fear cold or heat. Unfortunately, these kinds of dogs are prone to cataracts and hip dysplasia. However, they can be spotted early through an x-ray. For this reason, you should be ready to take your golden retriever to regular vet visits.

Another good thing about golden retrievers is that even with the thick, soft fur, it only requires weekly brushing. It is important, however, to look after hard-to-see areas, which are prone to knots. Although these dogs can shed intensely, you can treat them by brushing them more often.

You won't have any problems in giving the golden retrievers a bath because they just adore it. However, make sure to use a shampoo the vet recommends to avoid skin allergies.

Golden retrievers can fit to most kinds of people. They can adapt both to country and city living. However, they are not recommended to people who cannot take care of them daily since these dogs require human interaction, or else they can become mischievous, distractive and lonely.