What You Should Know About Golden Labradors

If you have been thinking of getting a dog, you should check out those golden Labradors. Golden Labradors are a very versatile and intelligent breed and you can easily train this type of dog. A dog like this would make a very good pet, especially for those people who do not want to spend so much time and energy reigning in some stubborn dog.

If you are one of those people who simply do not have the patience or the energy to deal with a big rowdy dog, you should get a golden Labrador. Golden Labradors are known to be a very obedient type of dog; you need not worry about having to contend with a stubborn and feisty dog.

Characteristics of the Golden Labradors

As a general rule, golden Labradors are not aggressive, territorial, insecure or destructive. Since the golden Labradors are not aggressive, they do not really make good guard dogs. Golden Labradors are very friendly and have the tendency to welcome strangers into its territory. They would rather lick somebody to death than to really attack them or send them away.

Although this type of dog can be protective towards its owner, it will not really defend its owner aggressively like the bulldog and some other types of dogs. It just isn't in their nature to pick up fights or attack people so you should not really rely on this type of dog for protection. However, as an alert dog, this type of dog can be counted on to wake the whole house with its barking.

Golden Labradors would make a good hunting companion. This type of dog would love to tag along with its owner all the time so you can count on this dog to follow you everywhere you go. Furthermore, these types of dogs are good retrievers.

If you are out hunting and you want your prey retrieved, this type of dog would be more than happy to fetch things for you. Since this type of dog is not afraid of the water, it will dive right in if your prey happens to fall into the water. Now, despite it size, golden Labradors are very good swimmers, so you need not worry about their safety when they are in the water.

Now, golden Labradors are known for their appetites. They love to eat just about anything. Since golden Labradors could grow to the height of your coffee table, you can count on it to lick your coffee table clean of food every now and then.