The Rich Look Of Chocolate Labradors

Chocolate Labradors are very popular today because they have such a lovely color and are very rich looking dogs. The Labrador breed itself is popular as it is seen in many movies and television shows, and dog shows often also show Labradors that win awards and prizes. Chocolate Labradors, while they often do well in shows, are seen more often in families as both the children's playing companion and the family guard dog. This is important because the good-natured happiness of these dogs makes them ideal for children once they are trained not to jump up on small children and once they have learned not to chew and have been house-trained.

Training A Chocolate Labrador

Puppies of all kinds can be dangerous for children simply because puppies are undisciplined and do not yet have an understanding of what is harmful and what is not. This is even more true of chocolate Labrador puppies and other large breed puppies because they grow so rapidly and get big and heavy quite quickly. Even though they quickly look as though they are full grown, they are still puppies for approximately the first year and this means that they have a lot of extra energy and playfulness that could cause a problem if the puppy is not trained properly. A professional training class is often the best recommendation for a chocolate Labrador puppy, as it would be for any large breed dog that is going to grow quickly and still have the puppy energy that is seen early on in the relationship with the owner.

As The Puppy Grows Into A Dog

As the chocolate Labrador puppy turns into a full grown dog it will settle down some and the energy of puppyhood will dissipate, but chocolate Labradors are still high energy dogs and will remain so until they reach their senior years. This is something that should be considered very carefully when someone is thinking of getting a chocolate Labrador because even large breed dogs often live 10 to 12 years or more, and the energy level will remain high in these dogs for the first 7 to 8 years at least, barring any major medical problems or other issues that the chocolate Labrador could possibly develop. This is a long time for someone to work with and live with a high energy animal, and even though many people will not mind this at all, it is necessary to consider this when thinking about whether to get a chocolate Labrador.