A Hobby That Isn't Just for Grandma: Men Knitting Socks

The image of a kindly elderly woman knitting socks, while rocking on a chair is very popular, so the increasing trend of men picking up knitting needles may seem incongruous to some, but men knitting is a growing fad that looks to have staying power. The benefits of men knitting socks, besides the obvious (being able to save money by taking care of their socks, instead of buying new ones), are also the therapeutic (knitting can be very soothing) as well as social (what's sweeter than a daddy-to-be knitting socks for his baby?).

Knitting Isn't a "Female Thing"

Men who enjoy knitting, will most probably keep their hobby to themselves. An average Joe confessing his prowess for knitting socks over wings at a sports bar seems very unlikely. It's important to stress that the guy knitting socks, doesn't necessarily have to be gay. The surging popularity of men knitting is a sign that the message of "girls can be anything" is also applying to boys, as well. College campuses and cafes are also starting to be sprinkled with the gentleman knitting socks, hats or sweaters.

The relaxing benefits of knitting are a definite plus for men. The task of knitting socks or scarves is soothing and calming. Also, there are women who find the idea of a man being able to knit sexy, as well - not only is the guy secure in his manhood to take up the hobby, but he can also be useful around the house.

Also men find that knitting socks, hats, scarves or sweaters as gifts make the presents more meaningful. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment when someone completes something well, and you definitely do not need to be a woman to understand how good it feels when someone really appreciates a gift you made for her with your own hands.

A really interesting Web site that reflects this phenomenon is A site that welcomes men to explore their hobby even further, a man won't feel shy or embarrassed by being great at knitting socks when visiting this site because he'll be able to there is a community out there, with groups, blogs, as well as, a history of men knitting - for example, according to the site, knitting was seen initially as a man's hobby, and during the war men knitting socks was part of the war effort.