A Guide to the Knitting Machine

Whether you are an experienced knitter, or just venturing out into the world of knitting, you may be considering whether a knitting machine is a good investment for you. While hand knitting is a fun and relaxing hobby, machine knitting will allow you to complete projects in a fraction of the time. Another advantage to a knitting machine is that you can learn to knit by machine if you have never so much as picked up a pair of knitting needles - although some experience with reading patterns and understanding stitches will certainly come in handy.

Today's knitting machine will let you create a wide variety of projects can get you very close to the look and feel of hand knitting. But before you had to the store to purchase the latest model, you will want to do your homework to determine which type of knitting machine will best suit your purposes.

Use a Knitting Machine for Sweater Creations

Before you decide on a knitting machine to buy for your sweater projects, think about the types of sweaters you would like to make. If you have a hankering for bulky, cabled sweaters, a chunky size machine would be the correct choice. These machines have large latches that are far enough apart to handle the thicker yarns that these types of sweaters are generally made out of.

If you would prefer a knitting machine with more versatility, the mid-gauge machines can handle a variety of yarn weights. These are usually the knitting machines of choice for hand knitters, since they come the closest to mimicking hand knit projects. A fine-gauge machine will work with the finest yarns and even threads. This is usually not a choice for beginning knitters, but a machine to work up to after gaining some experience on other machines.

Electric or Manual

Once you have determined the type of yarn you will primarily be working with on your knitting machine, you can decide if you prefer a manual or electric model. The electric models can be much pricier, but are much more automated. Many knitters will start off with a manual knitting machine and then move up to an electric model if they determine that their needs warrant it.

If you are a true newbie to the world of knitting, you can invest in a plastic manual model for the smallest investment. Many knitters find that they enjoy the manual machines because they are still able to manipulate stitches by hand, while speeding up some of the more basic sections of their projects. Whatever type of knitting machine you choose, you are on your way to a fun and productive hobby. Enjoy the ride, and happy knitting!