Like With Buying any Tool, Finding a Good Knitting Loom is Key

When buying a knitting loom, it's important to treat the purchase, like any other shopping trip: comparison shop, find what fits you best and make sure that the knitting loom that you find is durable and user-friendly. Finding a good deal for your knitting loom takes a bit of research, but the trouble is worth it, when you're knitting a sock, hat or sweater.

Look to Reputable Places for Your Knitting Loom

The Internet is a convenient way of shopping around for your knitting loom, but it's important to remember that you're buying a rather complicated tool, so it's best to shop around on sites that are trustworthy. Normally, I'm a huge pusher of eBay, but when buying certain things like a knitting loom, I would stay away from the auction site, because you're not dealing with a company, but an individual buyer (though if you do run into problems, eBay is excellent with its customer service).

D├ęcor Accents, Inc describes itself as a "knitting loom store." The products available are the standard, adjustable looms, including a product called the WonderLoom - a versatile product that will can make different items such as hats, gloves and socks. The rates start at $29.99 USD to $52 USD and come in different sizes.

Another site, In the Attic, has a product called a Flexiloom, a knitting loom that is marketed as being "softer on your hands" and the company guarantees its durability. The loom is also flexible, which should make it easier on the knitter's hands. The knitting loom comes in a set of 4, starting at $24.99 USD. The address is

Online's Great, but Buying Your Knitting Loom in Person is Best

Online shopping is extremely convenient, but it's really best when buying something like a knitting loom in person, so that you can try the knitting loom out yourself. Most online stores allow for refunds and/or returns, but it's best to find one that best suits you on your own. JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, located throughout the country sells knitting looms. To find the store closest, visit the Web site at

Getting a knitting loom can be a fun shopping experience, and like buying any equipment should be done with a little planning. Comparison shopping is best, because you will be able to see all your options.