Learn how you can Knit More with an Electronic Knitting Machine

Has Christmas snuck up on you and you have not started on the sweaters for all the kids, nieces and nephews that seem to increase by the year? Knitting sweaters seems like the perfect way to show your loved ones that you care by giving them a homemade present. But what happens when you can't keep up and not everyone can have your handiwork. You may have never heard of one, but an electronic knitting machine could help you make more sweaters than you could by hand.

Helping Hands

Hand knitting is a wonderful pastime but what happens when it's not possible to hand knit for long periods of time anymore? It's no secret that knitting for long periods of time can be painful on the hands. Using an electronic knitting machine helps to ease up on that problem, not only can you continue to produce beautiful sweaters and blankets but you can also give your hands a break from holding onto those knitting needles.

An electronic knitting machine may also be an investment you may want to look into if you have found that your knitting has been commissioned. Anyone who makes knitted goods for sale will have found it impossible to keep up with orders with just hand knitting. Using an electronic knitting machine will double your stock and increase your profits, as you'll be able to put out more than before.

Just Like Store Bought

Although you want to make your homemade knitwear look distinctive from the standard store bought ones, it doesn't hurt to add a little professional touch to your socks, hats and baby booties. Using an electronic knitting machine puts uniformity in the stitches that hand knitting doesn't provide. Your loved ones won't be able to tell the difference between your handiworks and store bought versions.

Take It Slow

Be warned that having an electronic knitting machine doesn't mean that all you have to do is to put the yarn in and expect a sweater after you turn the machine on. Knitting machines need time to get used to especially in terms of patterns. You should use patterns meant for machines rather than hand knit patterns to make sure you get a good result. Try out the machine if possible before purchasing it to make sure that you have found one that you are comfortable using and will work for you.

You will also have to look at the size of the yarn you use as different machines use different yarn sizes rather than yarn type. With a little research before you jump into buying a machine you'll soon find yourself with more knitted sweaters than you'll know what to do with!