White Kitchen Aid Appliances Fill All Kitchen Needs

If you walked through many kitchens 1937, chances are you would have seen a stand mixer designed by Herbert Johnson, then an engineer with Hobart Manufacturing. His stand mixer design turned the baking industry on its ear as commercial bakeries as well as the homemaker embraced the notion of having the beaters turn in one direction while the dough turned in the opposite direction, insuring complete mixing. Its name came from what it supplied and white Kitchen Aid appliances can be found in many homes around the world.

It was at a meeting in which community members were invited to help name the new company, and one resident commented the name was not important, that the stand mixer was the best kitchen aid she had ever used. Hence the formerly large, heavy and bulky stand mixer created with Hobart became known as white Kitchen Aid appliances and were reduced in weight and size to meet the needs of shrinking kitchens.

Over the years the company has designed many different white Kitchen Aid appliances covering virtually every need in every kitchen. Included in their product mix are toasters, hand mixers, food processors and coffee makers, all made with the quality consumers expect to find in products manufactured by white Kitchen Aid appliances.

Appliance Business Grows And Expands

In addition to small appliances, built in and free standing refrigerators carry the white Kitchen Aid appliances name and counter-depth refrigerators are one of the company's best selling large appliances. Dishwashers, compactors and disposals round out the company's mix of exciting kitchen products made with the user in mind and quality as a way of life, not simply a goal.

Cook tops, microwave ovens along with stoves and range hoods help complete the white Kitchen Aid appliances equipped kitchen. Add in specialty refrigeration, such as wine cooling unit and the entire kitchen can be outfitted by durable white Kitchen Aid appliances. As designers, cooks and chefs work with the company in developing new product lines, they also share their knowledge and experience with customers.

Customers can contact the company for kitchen design ideas, recipes as well as overall kitchen designs utilizing the best white Kitchen Aid appliances that will fit the configuration of your kitchen while meeting the demands of the family. With countertop appliances as well as those built into cabinets to save valuable countertop real estate, the appliances are no simply functional products. They are designed to become part of a complete kitchen to offer even the most discriminating cook all the versatility they might need in the kitchen