Kitchen Appliance Organizer Keeps Everything At Fingertips

When people begin setting up households and bring in their first kitchen appliances, it often takes center stage on a countertop as the newest addition to the new home. However, as time goes on and more appliances and their accessories and attachment enter the home, there is soon a clutter of not only the appliances, but also the detachable electric cords and any other accessories. Finding a kitchen appliance organizer to keep everything in one place may be the answer to the clutter.

Typically, not all appliances will be used on a daily basis and having a specific place to store them, along with their accessories or attachments will enabled them to be found when it is time to use them. Since many appliances are of different sizes and shapes, it is often easier to make your own kitchen appliance organizer and create a space in which to include the attachments.

An inexpensive bookcase or shelving unit can serve to hold the appliances and depending on how many you have will determine the size of the kitchen appliance organizer you need. You can also find small plastic storage trays in most department stores in which to store some of the smaller accessories.

Organizer Can Help Keep It Together

Specifying a spot for each appliance on a shelf enable you to place the storage trays next to it on the kitchen appliance organizer so that when you reach for the appliance the accessories are readily available. Some appliances, like a stand mixer with the mixing bowl can have many of the attachments stored in the mixing bowl. For example, a five-quart mixing bowl can hold the whisk, the beater and a dough hook, however if there are more attachments a separate container can hold them next to the mixer.

Many appliances such as electric skillets, grills and deep fryers have a detachable cord and it can be frustrating to try to find the right cord for the right appliance. Storing the cord inside the appliance is one solution, although it can damage the non-stick surface. Storing them in an kitchen appliance organizer with a small hook on which to hang the cord next to it, makes finding the right cord easier.

For appliances that are seldom used, consider finding a cover for the item to protect it from gathering dust between uses. In any event, units kept in a kitchen appliance organizer should be wiped out before use to make sure there is not something in them you may not want mixed in with your food.