Different Types Of A Kitchen Aid Food Processor

There are different types of a kitchen aid food processor to fit any need you might have in the kitchen for food preparation. Not only does the weight of the appliance differ, but the color height, depth, width and performance also differ. The kitchen aid food processor makes preparing meals easier with different functions. You can chop, mix, blend and mince foods for preparation into a great tasting meal. Along with all these great things, the parts are also safe for the dishwasher.

Types Of Processors

The mini version of the kitchen aid food processor, Chef's Choice, has a three-cup capacity and offers pulse control. If you want to match other appliances it comes in stainless steel, red, black and white. The duel action blade goes into reverse for chopping with ease. You might want the nine-cup kitchen aid food processor or the twelve-cup food processor; it all depends on your cooking needs and your family size.

The kitchen aid food processor also has an Ultra food processor, which comes in a twelve-cup capacity, as well as the wide mouth food processor in a twelve-cup capacity. The models have two feed tubes, tall enough for a stalk of celery and many accessories to perform almost any kitchen duty with ease.

The kitchen aid food processor comes with two different size-slicing blades and a shredding blade as well as a dough blade for making your dough the easy way. Replacement blades are easy to order online or from a kitchen aid food processor dealer.

What You Can Do With The Processor

The kitchen aid food processor will dice, mince or shed carrots, celery and other vegetables. It will shred and slice cheese as well as pepperoni and sausage. You can make a loaf of bread easy with the dough blade that comes with the food processor in the four-cup or 12-cup mixing bowls that come with the bigger models. Mince garlic easy with no fussing around with a knife and onions are no longer a problem to slice with the kitchen aid food processor.

If this food processor sounds like a lifesaver to you in the kitchen, you can go to your nearest outlet store or discount store and choose the color and size that will fit your cooking needs. Online stores also offer the kitchen aid food processor with rebates that you receive in-store as well and affordable prices to match.