Kitchen Aid Espresso Machine: Stylish And Serious Way To Make Coffee

For some people, treating themselves to a good cup of coffee is already a luxury and for some, making and brewing coffee is not just a simple task, but a passion. So move over, instant coffee makers, the Kitchen Aid espresso machine has come to make all the coffees in the world be wonderful and superb in taste.

You may somehow be skeptical and wonder how an American company such as Kitchen Aid could create a good espresso machine. But, fear not since Kitchen Aid partnered with Italian Gaggia to create this marvelous, Pro Line edition of espresso machine.

Make It Yourself, Seriously

If you are looking for a serious way to make your espresso, Kitchen Aid espresso machine is the answer for you. It is a solid metal and very stylish like most of the commercial espresso machines that we see on coffee shops like Starbucks or Seattle's Best, only this time, it is better. The Kitchen Aid espresso machine has a separate brewing and frothing boilers that provides the optimal temperature for brewing and produces an abundant steam for good frothing.

Also it is designed to be convenient when using since it has a stainless steel frothing arm that swivels horizontally and vertically with a special nozzle for easy milk frothing. The Kitchen Aid espresso machine also has a technology of Solenoid valve to instantly vent pressure that allows the portafilter to be removed right away, reducing spills. It is designed to have a hot water dispenser so that you could also make café Americanos, teas, hot chocolate and other beverages.

Each Kitchen Aid espresso machine is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is backed up by a Hassle-Free replacement warranty for two years.

Rave Reviews

There have been many rave reviews for the Kitchen Aid espresso machine, praising it for its good contemporary looks, durability, and great performance. Though people may say that it takes a lot of practice to make a good espresso or cappuccino, with the Kitchen Aid espresso machine, it is guaranteed that your first cup is already decent in taste but it is bound to get better and better. It also gives you the whole fun of making your own espresso or cappuccino, giving you the feeling that you are a true barista.

Though people may say that it is highly priced, it is a good investment to keep in your countertop especially if you are a certified coffee lover and does not take coffee making for granted.