Industrial Kitchen Appliance An Investment In Durability

For many consumers the thought of owning an industrial kitchen appliance is financially out of the question, but for others it is considered an investment. Buying a $100 microwave oven may make sense for many homes where it be used a few times a week for heating cold food, making popcorn or reheating coffee, but in a company break room where it may be used hundreds of times a day, it may require replacement several times a year.

Most companies make products with varying degrees of durability to keep prices down for occasional residential use, and with parts made of heavier-duty materials for almost constant use. For an industrial kitchen appliance to meet the expectation of mane commercial users, it has to last long enough for the buyer to realize a good return on their investment. When someone is going to spend three or four times the price of a residential product, they expect it to last at least that much longer.

For example, considering the microwave oven in a company break room used several times each day by many different people. One of the employees may be angry about something else and slam the door a few times and most residential model are not meant to withstand the abuses. However, while an industrial kitchen appliance may have stronger hinges and other parts, may also cost three times as much as the $100 unit.

Compare Expected Life With Overall Price

A company that buys the $100 residential unit may have to replace it every other month, or spend $600 a year for microwave ovens for the break room. By spending $400 for instance, on an industrial kitchen appliance grade microwave and it last a year, the company has saved $200 on that one appliance. Although the initial price is higher, it provides a better return on the investment, not counting the time the broken one may be out of commission.

The availability of an industrial kitchen appliance is not limited to items used also in the home, and some may be out of the question for residential use, such as an 80-quart stand mixer, a pizza oven that holds up to eight pizzas. However, many of the manufacturers of the smaller ones used in the home, use the same design technology to make the industrial kitchen appliances in commercial use.

Not every industrial kitchen appliance can be adapted for home use, and when considering prices they may be out of reach for many. However, If the opportunity presents itself to choose one over a residential version, it may make a good investment.