Commercial Kitchen Appliance Parts Can Be Hard To Find

Commercial-grade goods have a reputation of being sturdier, made better and being longer lasting than those made for residential use. The theory is that since they are used more often and under more demanding conditions, they have to be able to withstand the abuses of daily use. Many individuals are buying the more expensive line of appliances and are quickly learning that commercial kitchen appliance parts may cost more than the residential counterparts as well as being harder to find.

Depending on the manufacturer, commercial kitchen appliance parts may not be available to the general public. Only selling to qualified repair centers, the makers can insure the parts are replaced correctly and the appliance continues to work as designed. It not only protects the integrity of the product, but also the reputation of the company, which can be damaged if an unqualified technician replaces the commercial kitchen appliance parts incorrectly and the item fails to work properly.

Additionally, most sales of commercial appliances are restricted to wholesale only, meaning to dealers and to the construction industry or to restaurant chains. Since the company that sells and service appliances to the industry is also the one usually called to replace commercial kitchen appliance parts the manufacturer is protecting the income of their regular dealers.

Training Needed To Become Qualified Service Center

Most manufacturers of appliances have a rigorous training program for their dealers and service personnel. They are trained on diagnosing problems and the proper installation of commercial kitchen appliance parts before they are authorized to sell or provide service to them. This also benefits the customer, as they can be sure they are getting a quality part installed by a trained service professional.

In rare circumstances, a service center may sell commercial kitchen appliance parts to a private individual, sometimes a friend, to make repairs on their own. While this practice is not encouraged by manufacturers they do understand that it happens, but when the part is installed by a non-certified technician, the factory warranty on the part is not valid. The person may have a receipt for the commercial kitchen appliance parts but with installation by an authorized person, the warranty on the part as well as the appliance itself is usually voided.

Even within commercial grade appliances installed in a private residence, the sale of commercial kitchen appliance parts is typically restricted to professionals by the manufacturer. This is for the protection of the company as well as the consumer.