A Comprehensive Search: Juju Job Search Engine

The Juju job search engine was birthed out of an older job search engine called Job search engine that was formed in 1998. In order to give it a new face, functionality and interface, the company re-launched in 2006 as the Juju job search engine. This job search engine allows individuals to search for jobs by different categories, companies, keywords and location, giving it the capability to allow users to refine their searches to as narrow a search as they desire to find the jobs that they want. The location part of the search enables the Juju job search engine to work as a local job search engine since it pulls from job openings in that users particular location of interest.

How It Works

From the home page for the Juju job search engine, individuals can simply type in the keywords for the type of job that they want to find, whether it is by the job title, the industry that they want to work in, or a specific employer that they want to work for. It also gives them a place to type in the location that they want to work in, whether it is just a state or a particular city that they are interested in. Once they have typed in that information they just click 'Search' and the Juju job search engine pulls the information about that particular type of job and gives the user a list of the various openings and when they posted. From there the individual can refine the search further or click on any of the openings so that they can read more about that job and see what they would need to do to apply for it.

Clicking the 'Advanced Search' link on the homepage takes a user to a page that allows them to enter more specific information about the types of jobs they are looking for. This allows them to enter specific words and phrases related to the job, any titles they are looking for and multiple companies that they are interested in. It also allows them to choose how old the job postings can be. This is a useful tool for individuals who want to narrow the search down and more quickly find what they are looking for.

Juju job search engine also allows individual to search by some general categories if they cannot decide what words or phrases to enter into the forms. For instance, they can browse by category, which gives them a list of the general categories of jobs that they can choose from, and from there it breaks those categories into smaller subcategories that can refine the search even further. Clicking on location allows the individual to see jobs that are in a particular area regardless of category, and browsing by company gives the individual a list of companies alphabetically listed so they can see what positions are offered by those companies.