Job Hunting Tips For Teens: Learn To Look Beyond Becoming A Shop Assistant

Most teenagers when they go looking for employment find that their choices are too few and often limited only to working the paper routes as well as becoming shop assistants. In fact, when you are through with high school and are looking for your first job things in this regard will not be very familiar to you and so it will do you a lot of good to learn how to find the right job. Fortunately, there are a number of job hunting tips for teens that will help show you what needs to be done to help you find a job that excites you and which pays well as well.

Work For More Than Peanuts

The first of these job hunting tips for teens is to understand the folly of agreeing to work for peanuts. This is a common trap into which most teenagers fall into as they will take up a spare job just to earn a few dollars. The fact of the matter is that it is certainly possible to land better jobs especially signing up with online employers who hire teenagers who don't have prior work experience and do so without even conducting interviews.

The best job hunting tips for teens is to go online to search for local as well as non-local job openings. Simple things like completing online surveys too can prove to be rewarding and in fact are among the hottest jobs for teenagers today. These jobs are instantaneous and pay better than what some adults are earning.

However, if you are a teenager looking for a better job as well as one that will get you started on a good career path you will need to follow other job hunting tips for teens. The market for job seekers is very competitive as well as global. It therefore requires following the right job hunting tips for teens to get ahead of the competition.

At the very least, you will need to create three types of letters: a cover letter, reject-an-offer letter as well as thank-you letter. The best job hunting tips for teens in case of cover letters is to create such a letter that highlights your specific skill levels and which also expresses your interest in a particular job. You need to write short, clear and concise sentences that do not contain any grammatical errors.

The next job hunting tips for teens is in regard to the thank-you letter which you will need to fire off to the hiring manager once your interview is over. The fact is that about sixty-five percent of all managers expect applicants to send them a thank-you letter. Sending one will therefore certainly give your chances of landing the job a big boost.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, the job market has become more accessible as well as wider. It pays to therefore learn about the plethora of job hunting websites that have mushroomed and which hold a lot of promise for both job applicants as well as job givers.

Lastly, one more job hunting tips for teens is to send a reject-an-offer letter rather than stay mum and not take up a job offer. This reject-an-offer letter will show your professional nature and when this letter reaches the employer they might even be willing to offer you a better deal, or at the very least will keep the employers interested in employing you at a future date.