Grey Skies Endangering Your Music? Accessories to weatherproof your iPod!

Nothing will ruin your day more than having your iPod die due to a sudden and unexpected downpour. If you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on an iPod, then weatherproof accessories are a wise investment. Here is a look at some affordable accessories to weatherproof your iPod. When you look at all the weatherproof accessories for your iPod, some of them may end up sacrificing sleekness in favor of heavy-duty protection. Although you generally might not consider items of clothing to function as weatherproof iPod accessories, there are actually a number of jackets, shirts, and backpacks specifically made to carry your iPod. In some cases, the items can also protect your iPod from water damage.

Where to Find Them

For example, as listed on amazon.com, there is the Koyono BlackCoat Work Premier: Hipster Jacket with iPod Controls. This jacket, created in partnership with Eleksen, includes their built-in washable Elektex fabric controls for the iPod. The jacket is made of a breathable waterproof nylon and can keep your iPod safe from the rain in its special pocket. However, weatherproof iPod accessories like this that you can wear don't come cheap. According to its amazon.com listing, this Koyono jacket originally retailed for approximately $275, almost as much as an iPod itself! It was on sale at a considerably lower price, but you would have to check the site yourself to get the most current prices.

The chief advantage to this is that it's not some bulky box that won't fit in to your pocket, as it does come with a special pocket for the ipod as was pointed earlier. Koyono also makes shirts for iPods, different models of jackets, etc. If the price is an issue, perhaps something more conventional and a little less futuristic would work better for you. A good place to visit for waterproof (and weatherproof) iPod accessories is otterbox.com, which is home of the fairly well-known OtterBox products by Otter Products. The OtterBoxes are waterproof boxes for various models of iPods. They are guaranteed to maintain a water-tight seal that will keep your iPod safe from harm, and they float!

If you're headed for the beach, an OtterBox is the perfect item for you! An OtterBox for the video iPod retails for $49.95 at the website. You can also get H20 Audio WaterProof Headphones for $39.95. Otter Products even makes similar products for PDAs and GPS units now! Just don't go scuba diving with them! Unfortunately, they are not designed to withstand the pressures of extreme water depth. Try one of these, or other, weatherproof iPod accessories today! You'll be glad that you did the next time you see grey skies overhead.