Cool Accessories for Your Video iPod

If you consider your video iPod to be your most highly-prized possession, then you will eventually want to get some kind of video iPod accessories to spice things up or to make it more functional. You can find all sorts of video iPod accessories online, even clothing made from waterproof fabric that will protect your iPod from meeting a watery demise. This article takes a look at some video iPod accessories (and accessories for other models) that you might want to consider picking up. The video iPod is brilliantly designed, and few MP3 players can match its style. But as cool as it already looks, it can hardly be called unique anymore. If you don't want your iPod to look like everyone else's iPods, you might want to try video iPod accessories like skins. At the We Love Macs website (welovemacs.com), you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Jazzing Things Up on the Outside

They have accessories for the video iPod, Nanos, and older models. You can find a wide assortment of skins to inject some of your personality into your iPod there as well. For example, you can get their iPod 5G Video Skin Tattoo Set w/ Free Wheel & Center Click Wheel Button Skin (Flames) (60GB). As you might guess from the title, you get a black skin with flames rising from the bottom for the body of your iPod. You also get a cover for the click wheel to get a completely seamless look. They have a lot of interesting skins to choose from, including ones with a Matrix theme, a "Nemo" version with clownfish, and a version with raindrops. There's even a U2 skin that will make your video iPod look exactly like the old special edition U2 iPod.

There are almost too many to list, and they were all priced at $7.95 (normal retail price $14.99). Not only do these skins add some personality to your iPod, they protect the body from scratches. If you want serious protection, welovemacs.com has cases for the video iPod too. You can also find replacement parts along with parts installation guides in case you want to fix a damaged iPod yourself. On a practical note, you can also find accessories for the video iPod like ear buds, remotes, fire wire cables, screen protectors, etc. You'll be able to get anything you need, so check it out today!