New iPod Video Accessories for the Fifth Generation

If you don't know what an iPod is, well, you deserve some degree of compassion. An iPod is a device made by Apple Computers that downloads music and other types of entertainment for portable use. The older and newer models are designated by the "generation" term. The latest iPods are fifth generation and the big difference is that they have video capability. That means the inclusion of a little screen for viewing. Those old fourth generation covers and skins just won't do anymore. Since the new video iPod is meant to be looked at, its appearance is more important than ever. That means a good market for accessories that enhance the good looks. There are lines of skin tight covers called "skins" to dress up the new iPods and make it less likely that you'll grab someone else's look alike.


Like the previous generation's accessories, the new iPod video accessories include gadgets to boost the workability. This means, of course, speakers. The iPods only have the capability to play to ear buds. To share your music collection and the audio part of your video collection, you need speakers for your audience. Speakers can be petite or elaborate enough for a party. Some come as part of a docking station. Docking makes it possible to sync and charge the iPod and there is a grand selection of docking stations among the new iPod video accessories.

Once you have your music collection loaded onto your iPod, you'll want to listen even when you find ear buds an annoyance. The new iPod video accessories include ways to interface you iPod with your car radio, home stereo and computer speakers. They even come able to hook into the airplane sound system. Versatility is important in the charging and energy areas as well. You can find new iPod video accessories that will plug into the car cigarette lighter or adapt to A/C. There are also kits to aid in downloading music and video from a variety of sources as well.

Whether you need to use USB or FireWire connectors, it's easy to find the right stuff for your iPod. These doohickeys will make your tiny thing-a-ma-jig work like a room-sized hoozits. Whether you're attracted to an iPod for its tech forward abilities or for its cool factor, it's easy to enhance the attributes you love most with the new iPod video accessories.