Resurrect Your Dead iPod - Getting the iPod Replacement Parts That You Need

When you spend a few hundred dollars to purchase an iPod, you probably want it to last you a few years before having to buy another...unless a shiny new model comes out with newer and better features. If there are problems like your iPod's battery losing its charge, chances are that you won't want to replace it yourself unless you've got steady hands. Fortunately, Apple has come to its senses and has instituted a program for the replacement of iPod batteries and parts. Assuming your iPod dies before its time (for whatever reason), you can go to the Apple website or one of the other sources listed in this article.

Call the Apple Medics! CPR for Your iPod

As was mentioned earlier, you can go straight to the source for any iPod replacement parts that you might need by visiting apple.com. You can get the optional AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod. The AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with two years of coverage for your iPod. It covers everything that came in your box, including the battery, earphones, and accessories. You also get access to tech support, and Apple guarantees that you will get official iPod relacement parts. For iPods, there is a $59.00 plan that covers any problems that you might have with iTunes and your video (presumably) iPod, or you can get the $39.00 plan. The $39.00 plan covers iTunes and any of the other iPod models, including the Nanos and Shuffles.

In a sidenote: if you're a Mac fan, you can also get several different AppleCare plans to cover your computer needs as well. If you're interested in trying to replace a dying iPod battery or hard drive yourself, several sites have assorted iPod replacement parts for sale. If you visit the We Love Macs online store at welovemacs.com, you'll find everything you need as far as iPod replacement parts go. For example, they have a battery replacement kit called the iPod 4G Replacement Premium Li-Polymer Battery w/ Install Instructions & "FREE" Install Tools. It usually retails for $69.99, but it was on sale for $19.99. However, you'll have to check at the website for current prices.

You can also find iPod replacement parts for older models there as well. There are a number of other sites out there too, although these are certainly two of the best places to visit. If your iPod starts to fail, rest assured that you'll be in good hands.