Types of iPod Car Kit Accessories

Once you have your favorite music loaded onto your computer and iPod, you're ready to listen on the bus, train and even the airplane. Now what about your car? Of course, you can just plug your ear buds in and play away but that's a little anti-social and not so safe if you're the driver. For a road trip, pay attention to your real buds, not your ear buds. There are many choices of iPod car kit accessories that will allow you to use your iPod with your car to beat the road in a good way. Your tiny little iPod has already changed the face of transportable music. You may not be aware that it has also changed the way transportation is becoming more musical. All it takes is some kind of iPod car kit accessories to create an interface between your iPod and your car.

Get Connected

If your car has a tape player, just choose between the cassette adapter iPod car kit accessories. These look like a cassette with a plug. The plug goes into the iPod, the cassette goes into the cassette player and your digital music comes out of your car's audio system. This makes it very easy to install. If you prefer to use your FM radio, you have a variety of choices. They come in two varieties. One type of iPod car kit accessories is easy to hook directly to your FM radio with just a cable from the transmitter to the headphone jack. The other connection is more direct and less simple. You may need a professional to install it and not all cars have the correct line up of antenna and radio.

Even easier is connecting to an audio-in jack. Most cars don't have these – yet. If your car does, go for it. The necessary iPod car kit accessories are just a cable with the right connector. It's the same kind of set up you would use to plug into the TV or stereo. If you are lucky enough to have a car with an option for a CD changer, you can have one installed and use it to connect. This route means having a dealer install the needed hardware. The good news is that car companies have begun turning out models that are already iPod connectible. Some of these options will charge your iPod while you play it.