Protection, Style, and Convenience - Apple iPod Accessories for You

From skins to add style and personality to your iPod, to waterproof boxes to keep your iPod safe from harm, there is a host of Apple iPod accessories out there. Some of these accessories for your Apple iPod can even be fun and cool toys. This article takes a look at some of the Apple iPod accessories that are currently available at The Sharper Image. Although the nerd/electronics geek heaven of The Sharper Image may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Apple iPod accessories, they actually have some really fun items for the iPod. One of these is the iPulse Bear Speaker System and Light Show for iPod & MP3. The name might not be cute, but there's no denying that the cuddly bears with the unwieldy names are extremely cute and huggable.

Ipod Animals

The iPulse bear comes in two versions: one with a high-tech white version in a mesh fabric and another that looks like a fuzzy brown teddy bear. Both iPulse bears have LED lights in their paws that will pulse in sync to your music, and they retail for $39.95 in the catalog or at the sharperimage.com website. They both have glowing LED eyes as well, blue for the white bear and green for the brown bear, and they are powered by four C batteries.

Some other fun Apple iPod accessories include The Sharper Image's line of desktop/tabletop animals like the i-Dog, i-Cat, and iFish, although the latter critter might not be to everyone's taste. After visually evaluating these iPets, if you will, the i-Dog and i-Cat are definitely the cutest ones. The i-Dog and i-Cat will move their heads in time with the music and wiggle their ears. Their LED lights will even dance to the beat of the music as well! In addition, the i-Dog will bark happily or growls at you if you upset it, and the i-Cat makes the sound of a DJ scratching.

Both of these iPets cost $29.95 each and require two AA batteries to operate. You can order these unique Apple iPod accessories at sharperimage.com if you can't find them at your local store. The iFish, which moves its fins and also puts on a colorful show, costs $39.95 and takes three AA batteries. The i-Dogs come in several different colors. There's even an adorable new Dalmatian version with spots. Be sure to check out one of these fun Apple iPod accessories today!