The Beauty of Mediterranean Interior Design

The serene warmth of Mediterranean interior design is an extremely popular style of interior design today. The colors of Mediterranean interior design echo those of the Mediterranean Sea and sky and can also include warm terra-cottas, lavenders and yellows. Tiles are really the signature of Mediterranean interior design; the mosaic tile designs the essence of a Mediterranean interior. Other Mediterranean interior design elements are burnished bronze urns and black wrought iron fixtures and accessories.

The hardware is heavy and often burnished, and the florals and greenery are abundant in Mediterranean interior design. Walls are predominantly textured and the beautiful colorful mosaic tiles are very common as flooring or as backsplashes. The mosaic look can also be stenciled on the flooring, walls or furniture. The furniture influence is a combination of Spanish, Greek, Italian and French Country. The furniture can range from an informal simple look, to a very formal feeling. Mediterranean interior design is a very soothing, comfortable style of interior design and it comes as no surprise that it is one of the more popular styles today.

Do It Yourself

Many people have visited the Mediterranean and have fallen in love with the region. Bringing a little of the Mediterranean interior design into your home is not a difficult task to accomplish. With the style being so pronounced in the design world today, it is fairly easy to find accessories, furniture, paint and fabric to help you achieve this look. It might be difficult to mimic the textured walls of a Mediterranean home, but with the paint colors available today, there is no reason you cannot get a Mediterranean interior design feeling in your living room.

To achieve this look at home you must first start with paint. Depending on the size of your room, a rich terra-cotta paint color will be a good start. If this is too dark for you, than try a golden yellow or go for a French blue. After deciding on wall color, then decide on furniture arrangement. Should the sofa stay or go? Usually, it stays, and then the hunt is on for the perfect fabric. After furniture and fabric is decided upon, look for accent pieces, such as tables and lamps. Coffee tables with black rod iron legs will work beautifully and table lamps in the same can go well together.

Do not forget functionality when choosing lighting and arranging furniture. If mosaic tiles are not in your budget, you may consider stenciling a mosaic design on the fireplace or on the walls around door openings. Having a touch of the mosaic tiles in your room will help you to achieve your Mediterranean interior design look. A beautiful flower arrangement bringing together all of the colors in the room and greenery will finish your Mediterranean look. It really is not a difficult task to complete. If reupholstery is not in your budget; paint and accessories will work if you choose wisely. Mediterranean interior design is a beautiful, relaxing style and not difficult to accomplish if you have the time and the patience.