What Goes Into the Interior Design of a Bedroom?

Interior design and interior decorating are two things that both concern the interior of a house, but though some people use the words interchangeably, interior design differs from interior decorating. Although one might think that since the end result is a room that looks different, few people understand what goes into the interior design process. To help illustrate how involved interior design can be, we will examine the things one might consider in the interior design of a bedroom.

What Is the Space Used for?

These days, a bedroom sometimes is for more than just sleeping and the interior design of a bedroom might reflect that. Interior designers might research what other activities or goals the owner has with the interior design of his or her bedroom. For instance, one homeowner might need some space set aside as a home office, while another may want an area for reading or exercising.

Creating the Design

Based on what the needs are for the interior design of a bedroom, a designer will use modeling programs and concept sketches to get an idea of how to put the room together. In this, the interior design of a bedroom may include selecting furniture that will support the functions of the bedroom, such as beds and desks, as well as the appearance of the room, including paint and window treatments. So, in addition to the interior decorating, interior design also concerns itself with the framework of the room, the furniture that underlies the interior design of that bedroom.

Pulling It All Together

In some ways, the interior design of a bedroom can require some of the same people as you might see work on building a house. In order to support the interior design of a bedroom, designers must often bring in contractors and even engineers to help ensure that a design is safe as well as functional, depending on how radical a change is to be. In this, an interior designer is a project manager as well as someone who creates interior designs for bedrooms.

So, to review, while the interior decorating of a bedroom might include changing the looks, including paint, carpeting, and the art that hangs on the walls, interior design of a bedroom is much more comprehensive, requiring analysis of what the bedroom is going to be used for and then the selection of furniture, structural changes, and aesthetic changes to make the interior design of the bedroom come together. While interior design of a bedroom can include interior decorating, it is concerned with so much more than just looks.