The Key Features of Art Deco Interior Design

If you've ever seen a building restored to the original beauty it had back in the early 1900s, or if you've ever watched a movie set in the same period and admired the beautiful architecture, art, or even cars from that period of time, what you're admiring is the art deco style. If you like it enough, you might want to consider applying Art Deco Interior Design to your home, giving your living space or home office a unique look that is sure to catch the eye. But if you want to decorate in this style, it helps to know what goes into Art Deco Interior Design.

Clean Lines, Geometric Shapes

Nowadays, modern designs include a lot of lines that might be considered to be organic or abstract, but Art Deco Interior Design is essentially the opposite, consisting of very well-defined lines, with sweeping curves and lines that mimic the streamline design of airplanes. Also popular in Art Deco Interior Design is the use of geometric shapes, often angular and blocky, including trapezoids and shapes influenced by ziggurat shapes inspired by places such as Aztec temples. Symmetry is important in Art Deco Interior Design and rooms that are based on that style will be very symmetrical.

Man-Made Materials, Smooth Textures

At the time when Art Deco was at its height, America was reaching new heights in its industrial power, and as such, Art Deco Interior Design is a celebration of that heritage. Materials such as stainless steel and textures brought out from things like lacquered wood impose man's vision on nature and define the space of a room decorated in Art Deco Interior Design. These materials also contribute to the clean lines already mentioned previously, giving a look that's both stark and opulent all at once. Other materials that were popular at this time were marble, ebony, and glass; a lot of materials in Art Deco Interior Design shine.

Fabric from Around the World

Art Deco became popular after World War I, which took the United States out of isolationist thinking and gave its people a more worldwide view. As a result, a lot of the materials involved in Art Deco Interior Design are influenced by other locations or cultures. So, many fabrics and softer materials might feature sharkskin, zebra patterns, or consist of silks, bringing to mind warm Pacific waters, the savannahs of Africa, or the beauty of Chinese and Japanese culture and materials.

Just as with the other features of Art Deco Interior Design, these are all influences that come from the time that this style was most popular. With a little work to incorporate these concepts into your home, you too can apply Art Deco Interior Design to your living spaces.