What is Heartburn: Simply Put, It Is A Burning Sensation In The Chest

Finding the answer to what heartburn is should not be difficult especially as it is a problem that has touched millions of people stateside, though its symptoms should not be confused with those of a heart attack. Heartburn is a simple problem, but it is not related to the heart even though many may find that odd considering it definitely contains the word 'heart'. Nevertheless, the problem is more to do with the digestive system and it can be quite discomforting at that.

Wrong Turn Taken By Acids In The Stomach

What heartburn is can best be described as a condition in which a patient will feel burning discomfort in the chest just to the rear of the breastbone. It is a condition caused by the wrong turn taken by stomach acids that end up going up from the stomach and entering into the esophagus where it causes irritation as well as inflammation.

One can also understand what heartburn is by understanding the underlying causes and symptoms that include a burning feeling in the throat, difficulty whilst swallowing, belching, chronic coughing and also a bitter or sour taste in the mouth. The cause of heartburn can be attributed to the valve that lies between the stomach and esophagus that is known as the lower esophageal sphincter getting weakened or becoming relaxed and thus not closing properly. This malfunction can cause stomach acids to move into the esophagus and thus result in severe burning pain.

Having understood the causes of heartburn, one may naturally be curious to know more about what heartburn is, and what are the things that trigger such a condition. Knowing the things that trigger heartburn can go a long way in combating the condition. The common triggers include eating late meals, large meals as well as consuming foods that are spicy as well as fatty, as also eating chocolates and drinking coffee and caffeinated drinks.

Other possible triggers include citrus products, garlic, onions and tomatoes as also smoking and drinking alcohol. However, once one understands what heartburn is (and even otherwise) there is no reason to be scared of the condition, or have to suffer in silence. All you will need to do is to mend your wrong eating habits and make the necessary changes to lifestyle and you should be on your way to a heartburn-free life. No longer is heartburn a painful condition that will trouble you for the rest of your lives. There are now treatments available that can control the condition and even provide total relief.