What Does a Bout of Heartburn Feel Like?

Everyone seems to suffer from a bout of heartburn in their lives and at some stage we are all bound to ask just what does heartburn feel like? Basically, heartburn is caused when stomach acids travel up towards the throat so there are a variety of different symptoms caused by it. What does heartburn feel like can be answered in a number of ways but they all tend to depend on what the actual cause is.

Usually, when a person asks the question what does heartburn feel like, they are answered with a statement that it feels like a burning sensation in the chest. This isn't really a sufficient answer as it does not cover the multitude of symptoms caused.

Heartburn can cause a burning feeling in the chest and sternum that can even spread to the neck and throat. A feeling of acid lingering and heating up the throat and stomach are often felt. A feeling of pressure and tightness in the stomach and chest can also be experienced. A bitter taste can occur in the mouth and it can feel like food is stuck in the chest or throat, even feeling as if the food is reentering the mouth.

Sometimes a feeling of nausea can occur and even choking sensations that be caused. In more severe cases, vomiting can be experienced, particularly during the night. Sufferers often claim that it is worse in the night time as they can awake because they feel like they are choking and snoring is often a common symptom. When you ask anyone who suffers from chronic symptoms, what does heartburn feel like, they will probably be unable to express fully the sheer discomfort felt and caused by heartburn.

When to Ask What Does Heartburn Feel Like

It is well worth knowing what heartburn feels like as it can be a scary experience for the first time, particularly if the symptoms are severe. Also, it is important to be able to tell the symptoms of heartburn to be able to effectively pre-empt an attack of it. By curbing it in time, the symptoms can be greatly minimized rather than trying to treat it when it is already in full swing.

Another reason why we should all recognize the symptoms is so we do not mistake a more serious problem for heartburn. Some conditions cause symptoms similar to heartburn so it is necessary to be fully aware of what can happen during a bout of heartburn.