How To Treat Heartburn

It has been said that everything that happiness in your life is a blessing. Well, having heartburn does not make you feel blessed. Even mild heartburn seems major at the time. If you rarely ever get heartburn but feel the pain now, there are some ways to treat heartburn by yourself.

Over The Counter Medicines

Smith, Kline & French Pharmaceutical Company (now GlaxoSmithKline) founded its global empire on one drug - Cimetidine (brand name Tagamet). After Tagamet, they had the power to buy up smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers. Tagamet is an acid inhibitor - that is, it convinces the stomach to stop making too much acid. Tagamet and many other kinds of acid inhibitors are on sale on store shelves all over the world. Buy as few as you can first, to see if they do help you or not. These medicines can be pricey, but for many, it is the only way to treat heartburn.

Herbal Treatments

For minor heartburn, try chamomile or peppermint tea, or rubbing your abdomen with the essential oils of peppermint or chamomile diluted in olive or almond oil for relief. For many, this is all they need to take to treat heartburn.

With any herbal medications, follow the directions very carefully. Although these herbs might be natural, they are still medicines. Don't drink more than three cups of one kind of herbal tea a day, or you might develop diarrhea. Never exceed the recommended dose on the label - whether the herbs come in powders, pills, teas or tinctures.

In order to have these herbal medicines work best, you need to make some effort to eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly and cut down on alcoholic beverages (which stimulate the production of stomach acid). Drink more water and cut down on caffeinated beverages, which can also stimulate stomach acid production.

When To Go To The Doctor

Although you may be diligent about how you treat heartburn, if you have it for more than two weeks, see your doctor. Heartburn tends to get worse rather than better if it is left alone. By reviewing your exercise, diet, stress levels and alcohol consumption, your doctor can come up with an effective plan to treat heartburn. He or she will most likely put you on prescription medicines and recommend changes in your lifestyle. You may also want to keep your head elevated as you sleep and wear looser clothing. All of these changes should help your doctor help you treat heartburn.