Fighting Against a Sudden Attack of Heartburn

I'm sure we have all been there; out for a night of enjoyment when a sudden attack of heartburn occurs to ruin the good time we should be experiencing. But it does not have to ruin the entire night. Even when a sudden attack of heartburn inflicts us, we can still minimize the effects and carry on regardless.

It can be as easy as carrying around a supply of antacids when we go anywhere but this is only useful as long as antacids work immediately for us. There are some other methods that can help against sudden heartburn such as loosening our clothes slightly, loosening a belt, and sitting up straight and avoiding slouching.

In a restaurant we can order a drink of peppermint tea, a glass of milk or even club soda to try and ease the suffering caused by sudden heartburn. Alternatively we can chew a piece of gum or as an extreme measure, even drink some vinegar. Ordering a side salad with romaine lettuce and a vinegar dressing can be a good alternative although avoid this is if you have previously noticed that vinegar can trigger the symptoms of heartburn to worsen.

It is important to recognize what caused the heartburn in the first place in order to efficiently work against the symptoms. Calcium based antacids are often the easiest solution to beat sudden heartburn but they are not the only option.

How to Prevent Sudden Heartburn Symptoms

There are many ways to prevent sudden heartburn and avoid allowing the symptoms to ruin a night out or evening in. Prevention is always better than cure and can be as simple and easy as chewing every mouthful of food properly, not finishing the meal if we feel comfortably full and avoiding bending over or lying down straight after a meal.

Wearing loose clothing can also help as does alleviating any possible pressure on the stomach. Taking a stomach acid inhibitor before a meal can be a necessary precaution as can avoiding spicy foods and ordering milder alternatives that are not heavily flavored.

Herbal remedies can be a great alternative to antacids and as there are many herbal teas that can ease heartburn, the choices are practically endless. Even chewing almonds or raisins is said to help soothe the symptoms caused by sudden heartburn. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and fatty foods is a great help when needing to avoid sudden heartburn.