Natural Remedies For Heartburn Are Effective Alternative Treatments To Using Prescription Drugs

You should make a note of the fact that besides the over-the-counter medications available on the market to treat heartburn conditions, there are also many natural remedies for heartburn as well that can prove to be very effective and also enjoy the benefit of not causing any serious side effects. And, it is also normal for people to suffer heartburn in spite of the fact that they eat healthy food and enjoy a life free of stress. Furthermore, by taking prescription medicines for heartburn relief you will be taking a treatment that is meant to provide relief to those that experience heartburn symptoms more than once in a week. And, you will need to take them daily so that you do not have recurrences as well as have fewer occurrences of the symptoms of heartburn.

Unwanted Side Effects

The main danger to taking prescription drugs for heartburn is that they are prone to affect you in a way that is undesirable, and that is that they have side effects that include constipation as well as diarrhea. Also, among the prescription medicines that one uses are Prevacid, Protonix and also Prilosec.

The natural remedies for heartburn that you may try include fennel and peppermint though use of peppermint is sometimes not recommended as it is feared by some doctors that it actually perpetuates the condition in certain instances rather than alleviates it. You can dip fennel seed into water as it can make for a soothing tea and fennel itself is an ingredient that is used in many other products that are sold by companies that also sell natural remedies for heartburn. In fact, fennel seeds and also peppermint have been in use by Native Americans and even Europeans as natural remedies for heartburn for many years.

You may also want to take rhubarb that is another of the many natural remedies for heartburn and indigestion that was also something very widely used by Native Americans and it is red in color and quite like celery in its appearance.

There is considerable consensus that eating spicy foods is a major cause of heartburn and among the natural remedies for heartburn is a simple yet effective remedy that is nothing worse than chewing on a piece of mint flavored gum which is very useful because the chewing action helps create saliva that helps a person digest food and also neutralize any acids that may have found their way into the throat. Other simple natural remedies for heartburn include giving up smoking and stopping drinking alcohol and also foreswearing fried foods as also making necessary lifestyle changes so that there is less chance of developing heartburn.