Some Inexpensive And Natural Cures For Heartburn

Although we might look forward to the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner every year, we don't look forward to the heartburn. When you overindulge in food and under indulgence in exercise, then your body will get into a panic at trying to digest all of the food at once. Your stomach will go into overdrive with acid production to break the food down. If you only get it a few times a year, then you can treat it successfully with natural cures for heartburn. If you get it three or more times a week for over a fortnight, natural cures for heartburn alone will not work. Go see your doctor.

Essential Oils

Give your hyperactive digestive system a gentle massage with medical grade aromatherapy essential oils of peppermint, anise seed or chamomile. Check and see if your essential oil is pure or blended. If it's pure, place 10 drops in 10 milliliters of a carrier oil like olive, jojoba or even cooking oil if you are really desperate. If your bottle is of blended oils, you can skip this step and just use the oil that's in the bottle. Make sure your hands are at least room temperature and gently rub your abdomen in circles. Massage is especially useful for those who cannot stand herbal tea.

Herbal Tea

As herbal teas become more in more in demand, many makers are putting out specially blended tea bags as natural cures for heartburn. If you can't afford the blended tea, try plain chamomile tea, rosehips tea, ginger tea or peppermint tea. Sweeten with honey or brown sugar not only to make it healthier, but to best bring out the flavors of the herbs. Herbal teas are inexpensive natural cures for heartburn, and available from health stores, pharmacies or your supermarket.

Licorice Root

This has to be the root, not any candy. Chewing on licorice root is a natural cure for heartburn.

Caraway Seeds

This cooking spice is one of the great natural cures for heartburn. You can make caraway seeds into a tea or look for caraway mixed in already made herb teas. You can also chew on caraway seeds, depending on how good your teeth are. Caraway seeds are one of the main ingredients in chai, the unique spicy black tea that originated in India and now is easily found all around the world. If you cannot get a hold of hebal tea, try making a cup of regular tea with cinnamon, ground ginger and four caraway seed pods. You will be making your won chai. Be sure to sit up for at least an hour after drinking it before lying down.