Indigestion Versus Heart Attack: Indigestion Can Be Treated With Pills, While The Other Needs A 911 Call

A patient that experiences tightness as well as pain in the chest may be forgiven for thinking that it is heartburn and is a result of eating spicy foods or something like that. The signs of a heart attack can also be quite unassuming, though there is a need to understand who gets these attacks and what the signs of a heart attack are as there is considerable debate regarding indigestion versus heart attack.

It is believed, according to the American Red Cross estimates that as many as seventy million Americans suffer from some kind of cardiovascular disease that results in about a million deaths of which an estimated half of these deaths are caused by heart attacks. A good indicator that you are having a heart attack is constant pain in the chest that can either be discomfort or may be a crushing sensation.

Indigestion Pain Dissipates While That Of A Heart Attack Persists

When a person is evaluating indigestion versus heart attack, it need to be understood that indigestion that is also a pain in the chest will usually dissipate, while heart attacks will not. There are many instances in which a person with a heart attack dies within two hours of the pains. Thus, they are in need of quick help while those with indigestion do not have such a requirement, which highlights an important aspect of the indigestion versus heart attack subject.

There are some similarities too in the indigestion versus heart attack conditions as both conditions may be caused by smoking because it causes a restriction in flow of blood. Both conditions can be kept at bay by exercising regularly which should help in keeping the blood pressure under control and eating the proper foods as well as taking medications can also contribute to the well-being of the patient in both the indigestion and heart attack situations.

Indigestion versus heart attack is a match-up in which there is similar kinds of discomfort though indigestion can be treated much lightly as compared with a heart attack for which there is need for immediate help and even medical attention. While the pain in both instances is in the chest of the patient, one may only be very discomforting and is also experienced as a burning sensation while the other (heart attack) could be dull, vague as well as is described as being pressure, squeezing as well as fullness and other related sensations of discomfort.

A heart attack sign will give rise to the need to call 911, while indigestion is easily treated by popping a pill and getting intermediate relief. Thus, one can safely conclude that in the indigestion versus heart attack battle, the worse case is definitely the latter.