Indigestion Symptoms Affect Many People And May Require Lifestyle Changes To Find Relief

Having an occasional heartburn indigestion symptoms is not uncommon, and according to recent surveys it was found that as many as, it is believed a quarter of all Americans have experienced heartburn once in a month and another, it is believed, twelve percent Americans had indigestion symptoms once in a week. And, there are divergent opinions about how best to get rid of these symptoms.

Number Of Contributing Factors

There are a number of factors that can result in heartburn indigestion symptoms and avoiding those things that cause such a condition would be a good course of action to pursue. Once the condition is present in a patient, the need for antacids or an over-the-counter remedy will be necessary to bring the burning sensation under control. It is not only important that the indigestion symptoms are prevented from happening, but it should not also result in damage to the esophagus.

By eating spicy foods one will definitely contribute to the condition arising, which means it is best to eat such foods only occasionally accompanied by an over-the-counter remedy. If however, your heartburn indigestion symptoms occur more than once in a week, or if such symptoms have been noticed frequently for a period of three months, it would be best to consult a physician for further evaluation. By keeping a diary, a patient would be able to track the foods that have caused the heartburn indigestion symptoms and thus help in taking remedial steps by eliminating such foods from the diet.

It is also common to experience heartburn indigestion symptoms when stressed out and most health care professionals agree that stress is a common cause of such a condition. It may thus is necessary to use techniques of relaxation and even sitting quietly for a few minutes can help relieve the condition. If a person suffers from heartburn indigestion symptoms, it is common to feel a burning sensation towards the top of the stomach and sometimes even in the back of the patient's throat. It may also feel as if something is stuck in the throat and swallowing becomes difficult.

In addition, the patient may also have gas and bloating and these symptoms vary thus making it difficult finding a singe remedy for each situation. No doubt, taking a pill will help relieve the symptoms; however, it may be better to make changes to the diet, eating habits as well as lifestyle to get a more permanent relief.