Diagnosing Pain As Indigestion

Indigestion is the pain in the abdomen and chest that can suddenly appear after eating a meal. It can also be called dyspepsia but is normally used to describe heartburn. Indigestion pain can be sharp, surprising and extremely uncomfortable and people often confuse it with other medical issues especially when the case is particularly painful. Indigestion pain is caused when the acid in the stomach flows back up esophagus. This reflux can happen for a number of reasons and can cause some very unwanted symptoms such as pain, a burning sensation, a feeling of nausea and / or fullness as well as gas. Indigestion pain usually occurs not long after eating a large meal or after eating spicy food but can happen if a person lies down straight after a meal.

The confusion with diagnosing indigestion pain comes with the fact that it does not only occur straight after a meal. It can in fact occur at any time and the symptoms can frequently change depending on its cause. The pain may change each time indigestion is experienced and the locations of the pain itself can be a cause of worry and angst for many sufferers. Many times have people confused indigestion pain with labor during pregnancy or even a heart attack because acute pains were suffered in the chest or abdomen. Taking note of the instances that seem to bring on the symptoms can be a sure sign in the future that the symptoms are just indigestion but they can also be caused by an ulcer so it is better to let a doctor make the diagnosis.

When Indigestion Pain Could Be Cause For Worry

People often mistake indigestion pain for something more serious but in some cases they are right. There are times when the pain can be an indication of a more serious condition and sometimes the pain can be caused by something a lot graver than ingestion. If pains become very severe or suddenly change then it may be time to seek advice from a medical professional. Likewise if the symptoms occur for the first time later in life or if appetite or weight is negatively affected, the sooner the better a checkup with a doctor is performed so that serious problems can be either diagnosed or ruled out. It may be well to note that drinking alcohol and eating certain foods can sometimes aggravate the symptoms but in instances such as these, it is always preferable to be safe than sorry.