Heartburn Does Not Come From The Heart

Although the name seems to link this condition with the heart, heartburn is not related to problems with the heart. Some of the symptoms of this condition appear in an area close to the heart, but there is not a direct connection between this condition and this vital organ. Heartburn often causes a burning feeling behind the breastbone in the vicinity of the heart so many people worry that heartburn is in fact a heart attack. Heartburn can be very disturbing, but most people who suffer from this condition can easily overcome the problem without suffering long term consequences.

Other symptoms of heartburn include a burning feeling in the throat, a bitter taste in the mouth, hoarseness, belching and coughing spells. Many people suffer from heartburn, but not all of them suffer from all of the symptoms. Heartburn could be the sign of a serious condition, but it could also be the sign of a condition that is easily treated with lifestyle changes or medications. Each person who suffers from this condition should check with their doctor to decide on an appropriate treatment for the underlying condition. Fortunately, modern medical professionals have developed a series of tests to determine the source of the symptoms. There are at least four tests that can provide a physician with accurate information about this condition.

Heartburn Medication Can Provide Relief

The physician will be able to recommend remedies once he or she has discussed the symptoms with the patient and read the results from the tests. The physician will recommend several steps for those with heartburn. Those patients affected by this condition should try to watch their diets for foods that produce the symptoms. Heartburn could be the result of eating spicy foods. The symptoms could also appear after eating rich, creamy foods. Patients with this condition should avoid some fruits and vegetables although these are great for other people.

Drug companies have developed several medications for those with heartburn. Some of these are antacids which are sold in drugstores without a prescription. There are also some prescription medications that can eliminate the symptoms of this condition for those with severe symptoms. There are also surgical procedures that can be used to help those suffering from this condition. Surgery is usually used as a last resort as the medications are effective in treating most of the cases presented to a doctor. The surgical procedures present the possibility of complications, and these procedures are relatively new and untested.