Causing Heartburn With A Full Stomach

Heartburn can occur for many reasons and some, such as excess weight during pregnancy, cannot be helped. However, many of us are causing heartburn with a too full stomach after eating. In recent years, excess has become the norm and it is all taking its toll on our bodies and our health. Certain types of food can cause heartburn, but more often than not overeating causes it. Finishing a meal with an overly full stomach can cause severe heartburn pain and discomfort but it could be easily avoided if we all developed better eating habits. We have learned that bigger portions and a lack of chewing can all contribute to problems such as heartburn and it is this mentality that needs to change to avoid causing problems such as heartburn with something as simple as a full stomach.

Unfortunately, many people have an unhealthy relationship with food, causing them to eat until they feel bloated or to finish everything on the plate to avoid wasting food. Even chewing food too little is adding to the problems and so all of these issues need to be addressed. Heartburn is no laughing matter so it is a shame that so many people are suffering because they are inadvertently causing their own problems with heartburn by leaving the dinner table with an overly full stomach.

Fighting Heartburn With A Full Stomach

If you are suffering from heartburn and you are sitting with a bloated and full stomach then it is too late to prevent the symptoms of heartburn altogether but you can dissipate some of them. Sitting slouched over or lying down with a full stomach is bound to cause heartburn so a good posture while standing or sitting is most appropriate. Avoid bending over or applying further pressure to the stomach. Loosen clothing as much as possible and drink some milk or water.

Many people who suffer from heartburn swear by over the counter antacids and prescription medications. Although these do not work for everybody, it is well worth having some anti heartburn treatments stocked in the home at all times, just in case. If antacids are not available then it is worth trying some everyday treatments such as a fizzy drink or even chewing gum. Avoid eating any further foods that may add to the heartburn at all costs and do not lie down until the burning sensations have subsided.