About At Home Heartburn Treatment

You wouldn't run to the doctor every time you sneeze, so you don't need to go see your doctor if you have a case of mild heartburn. If you follow some common sense at home heartburn treatment and STILL have heartburn for more than two weeks, then it's time to go see your doctor.

Over The Counter Medicines

You can try over the counter medicines that work well as heartburn treatment for immediate relief of infrequent attacks. Do not become reliant on them. You really shouldn't be using them several times a day. They can eventually backfire on your and cause heartburn rather than relieving it. But if you get heartburn only occasionally, then chewable antacids or tablet like Tagamet or its genetic equivalent Cimetidine will be more than adequate heartburn relief.

Herbal Teas

Peppermint tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, rosehips tea and any herbal tea where anise seeds make up a large part will help calm pain, bloating and any bowel trouble. Be sure to sit up for at least one hour after drinking these teas, as they can relax your stomach and esophagus muscles and might let digestive acids creep up towards your mouth if you lie down immediately after drinking the tea. There are many brands of herbal tea that include a flavor specifically as a gentle heartburn treatment.

Practical Changes

There are a few new habits you can do to help any teas or medicines help you.

* Wear looser clothing, so that your muscles have room to properly digest food.

* Sleep with your head raised a few inches so that you aren't woken up constantly with acid creeping up your throat. There are special and affordable pillows made that keep your head in an elevated position all night. They are easily found in department stores, pharmacies, bedding stores and online medical supply and bedding stores.

* Water down your drinks, reduce the amount of alcohol you drink or cut it out altogether. Alcohol puts the stomach into acid making overdrive.

* Stop smoking. Smoking irritates the lining of your internal organs. It also can promote cancer, as will as other potentially lethal health problems. The best heartburn treatment you can do is to quit now.

Warning Signs

As mentioned before, if these home treatments don't alleviate the problem in two weeks, call your doctor. Also call your doctor if you have black or bloody bowels, difficulty swallowing or a feeling that vomit is in the back of your throat wakes you up at night. You need more than at home heartburn treatment.