Heartburn Symptoms Disturb Many People

Heartburn symptoms may not signal a serious condition, but people can be really frightened the first time the symptoms strike. Most people have heartburn symptoms at some time in their lives, but other people have these symptoms constantly until they find the proper treatment. Heartburn symptoms could signal a serious condition such as cancer so people should not ignore these symptoms if they recur. Heartburn symptoms could be frightening because they appear to come from the heart. Although people worry about these heartburn symptoms, they are not usually the signs of a heart attack.

Heartburn symptoms could be a burning sensation in the throat. These symptoms often cause people to think that they have cancer of the throat if the symptoms do not disappear quickly. Heartburn symptoms could just be embarrassing for some people. Flatulence and burping are symptoms that could appear in a formal situation. No one wants this to happen except in the privacy of their own home. People with these symptoms of heartburn will definitely want to prevent the reappearance of the symptoms. Fortunately, people with these symptoms will find relief.

Heartburn Symptoms Can Be Easily Treated

Many people will find relief from heartburn symptoms with medications that can be purchased without a prescription. Many of the antacid medications can bring quick relief from some of the symptoms. These medications neutralize the acid that has moved from the stomach to the esophagus to cause the symptoms. Antacids come in tablets that can be carried in the pocket or purse. These antacids also are available in syrups that relieve the symptoms. These medications are available under different brand names, and the pharmacist will be able to provide information and recommendations on the available choices.

If the antacids are not enough, there are stronger medications that will help to relieve the heartburn symptoms. Two of these medications which have proved effective are called Pepcid and Zantac. The nonprescription drugs are usually effective, but the doctor can prescribe other medications if these do not work. Most doctors recommend diet and lifestyle changes for those with heartburn symptoms. Alcohol and smoking often cause the symptoms. Certain foods that cause the symptoms include spicy and rich foods. Some citrus fruits including oranges and grapefruit often cause these symptoms so these should be avoided. The doctor will also probably recommend several tests if the medications do not rid the patient of symptoms. The test results should provide the doctor with a diagnosis which can be used to determine further treatment.