Heartburn Remedies that Bring Relief

Chances are, you have experienced the sometimes painful symptoms of heartburn at one time or another. If so, you know how uncomfortable this condition can be, and why it is so important to have effective heartburn remedies on hand in the event that heartburn occurs. There are many different options in heartburn remedies today, which means that just about everyone who suffers from this condition can find relief from their symptoms by one method or another. The key is in finding out which heartburn remedies work for you, to ensure that you are prepared to treat the symptoms whenever they strike.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Heartburn occurs when the small ring-like muscle at the base of the esophagus does not close completely. This allows food and acid from the stomach to back up into the esophagus, throat and mouth, causing a burning sensation, pain and a bitter taste in the mouth. For some folks, these symptoms are relatively mild and can simply pass on their own. For others, the pain and discomfort can get intense enough to warrant a heartburn remedy. For those who suffer from frequent heartburn, the best heartburn remedy is often to prevent the problem before it occurs.

This can come in the form of avoiding foods that you know give you trouble, and eating smaller, more frequent meals that are easier for your stomach to digest efficiently. You should also avoid lying down right after eating, and finishing all meals at least two to three hours prior to bedtime. If heartburn keeps you up at night, you can raise the head of your bed a few inches. This will assist the gravitational pull to keep food and acids down in the stomach where they belong.


If diet and lifestyle modifications are not sufficient heartburn remedies, you can also try some of the many medications that are available today to treat heartburn. Antacids like Rolaids will neutralize stomach acids quickly and efficiently once heartburn has already begun. To prevent the symptoms from occurring, you can take an H-2-receptor blocker that will reduce the amount of acid production within your stomach. These medications, like Pepcid or Tagamet, are generally taken prior to eating a meal, but can be used after symptoms have already started as well. In this case, it is often best to take an antacid for quick relief and an H-2-receptor blocker for relief from symptoms over the long term. If none of these heartburn remedies work for you, you can talk to your doctor about prescription medications that you can try. Heartburn is a painful condition at times. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in heartburn remedies that can bring relief from the uncomfortable symptoms.