Nausea As A Symptom Of Heartburn

Symptoms of heartburn can vary greatly from person to person and even from day to day in individual cases. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between heartburn, indigestion and other more serious problems. Symptoms normally include feelings of bloating in the stomach, burning in the chest and throat and often times, pain in both the abdomen and throat. Nausea is a less expected but still likely symptom of heartburn. It is sometimes unclear whether it is the heartburn that causes nausea but nonetheless it can be just another uncomfortable symptom. Heartburn and nausea could be linked by the way we eat our food. Large portions that are not chewed properly and eating past that comfortable feeling of just right fullness can contribute to both feelings of heartburn and nausea, mainly for the same reasons.

The sheer dislike of the feeling of acid refluxing into the throat can be a cause for nauseous feelings in the stomach. There are a number of reasons why nausea and heartburn could be linked together but it is also important to realize that it could be an indication of something other than heartburn. Indigestion perhaps, an ulcer, or even a more serious stomach disorder could be to blame for symptoms of heartburn and nausea.

Nausea And Heartburn - When Is It A Cause For Worry

Nausea during heartburn is not normally a cause for worry but unexplainable bouts of vomiting can be a sign of further problems. One of the most common stomach disorders that can cause symptoms of heartburn and nausea is Gastro paresis, which happens when the stomach takes too much time to empty. It can occur because a person has diabetes or even anorexia but it can be a warning sign of undiagnosed diabetes in particular. If symptoms of nausea during heartburn become worrying or if vomiting frequently occurs, it may be time for a complete checkup to rule out any potentially dangerous conditions including but not limited to Gastro paresis.

A natural remedy for both nausea and heartburn is ginger. Even eaten in biscuit form, ginger can provide instant relief when nausea in particular sets in. It is also mild enough to be eaten when heartburn has occurred, making it an ideal solution to cure both symptoms without aggravating either. Certain food intolerances could also trigger both nausea and heartburn so it is always advisable to check out any kind of medical explanation to frequent occurrences of both symptoms.