Trusted Heartburn Medications

Heartburn need not be a problem that is suffered in silence, as there are now many reliable and effective types of heartburn medications available for use. There are many popular varieties that are non-prescription while in more serious cases; there are prescriptive heartburn medications on offer. Antacids and acid inhibitors are some of the safest heartburn medications available over the counter and are often used for occasional use. If heartburn is persistent it is better to look for another method rather than constantly consuming antacids in a vain attempt to rid the body of the symptoms of heartburn. Antacids are mild and have few side effects and are normally the first type of heartburn medication turned to. Acid inhibitors are designed to lower the amounts of acid in the stomach and are often stronger than antacids.

Absorbable antacids are generally more effective as they neutralize the acids in the stomach and can be used quite frequently. They are usually calcium based and have advantages over the non-absorbable type of antacids including the fact that they do not limit the amounts of calcium absorbed into the body. As opposed to acid inhibitors, they do not generally interfere with other medications. With any type of heartburn medication, it is wise to consult a doctor before undertaking regular usage. A doctor may prescribe other options of heartburn medications, especially in instances when the heartburn is particularly strong or frequent. If the symptoms persist, they may indicate an underlying problem that should be looked into.

Heartburn Medication Replacements

People are increasing reluctant to take prescription medicines and over the counter treatments for everyday problems such as heartburn because it is so easy to rely on this type of back up. For a problem that can occur frequently, it can be irritating as well as expensive to remember to stock up on antacids never mind remembering to take an acid inhibitor before every meal. For those who wish to cure their heartburn in a more natural way, the key is to fight the source of the heartburn and many natural food products help to replace standard heartburn medications.

One of the oldest and most tried remedies is to drink a glass of milk with every meal or as soon as the burning sensations of heartburn begin but there are many other options such as baking soda that will accomplish the same relief. Eating smaller portions of milder, albeit bland foods can be a way to entirely replace the need for heartburn medications. Problems such as heartburn are usually the body's way of hinting that we are not eating right but that is not always the only cause. Excessive feelings of pain and discomfort can lead to prescriptive drugs being the quickest form of relief from heartburn.