Replacing Heartburn Medication with an Herbal Remedy

Far too many of us rely upon over the counter and prescription medications to solve all of our health issues. This is not necessarily bad but why stick to drugs when there are alternative methods available. For relatively minor issues such as heartburn, an effective herbal remedy can be a much safer solution than using stomach acid inhibitors for example. In ordinary cases, using an herbal remedy to cure heartburn can be more natural and cause fewer side effects than other medications. Also, they can normally be taken in conjunction with other prescription medications so that all suffers from heartburn have a solution that works.

Before replacing heartburn medication with an herbal remedy, a consultation with a doctor would normally be the best course of action to take as there may be some herbal remedies that have negative side effects or that will adversely affect a pre-existing medical condition. But, generally speaking, switching to an herbal remedy to defeat heartburn is a better and quicker alternative to antacids or acid inhibitors. Many sufferers of heartburn find that an herbal remedy often works much more swiftly than the alternatives.

Heartburn Herbal Remedy that Works

Finding an herbal remedy that really works against heartburn can be difficult at times as each case can vary and be caused by different circumstances. But there are so many different types of herbal remedy on the market geared towards beating the symptoms of heartburn that it is hard to go wrong. There are some expensive herbal supplements designed to combat heartburn but there are also other alternatives which can often be much cheaper.

Peppermint oil is often used as part of an herbal remedy against heartburn but chewing gum can be just as effective. Although some people believe that mint and vinegar can cause heartburn, others use them as a remedy. Licorice is, depending on opinion, a tasty option that can help against heartburn symptoms.

There are also many herbals supplements that contain bitter flavors such as thistle or dandelion. Plant oils are often thought to be extremely soothing and in turn effective against the acid and burning sensations caused by heartburn. Lavender, aniseed and chicory are all well known for soothing the effects of heartburn for various reasons so it is no wonder that people are now choosing to seek an herbal remedy as a heartburn cure rather than average antacid.