Heartburn Acid Reflux Symptoms Are Common And Affect Many People

Heartburn acid reflux symptoms are very common and are experienced by many people at some point of time or the other in their lives. These heartburn acid reflux symptoms require evaluation which is best performed by a specialist who has years of experience especially when such symptoms are experienced continuously and which do not go away in spite of taking medications, or even when there are other alarming symptoms that are felt such as losing weight, being unable to swallow freely and also bleeding.

Symptoms Show Up Half An Hour Or Thirty Minutes Following A Meal

In most instances, you will begin to experience heartburn acid reflux symptoms about half an hour or forty minutes after consuming a heavy meal which can take the form of a burning sensation that begins to the rear of your heart and which moves up in the direction of your neck as also the throat. The cause of heartburn is the presence in the lower esophagus of acid that causes irritation and also inflammation, which may last a few hours and is worst after having eaten. However, heartburn need not necessarily be indicative of acid reflux though in case of frequent attacks, it can deteriorate into heartburn acid reflux symptoms.

To get relief from heartburn acid reflux symptoms, one would normally think about taking antacids that are known to work directly to lower acidity levels of the reflux liquid that irritates the esophagus. You could also take foam and antacids together to create foam barrier within the stomach that will then float above the stomach's contents and thus prevent acid from gaining entrance into the esophagus.

One other common heartburn acid reflux symptom is that of acid regurgitation that occurs when acid leaves the stomach and eludes the stopper lower and upper esophageal sphincters and reaches the mouth making for a sour taste in the rear of the throat. Some of the common heartburn acid reflux symptoms include bad taste in the mouth, bad breath, needing to clear the throat often, coughing more than normal, frequent hoarseness and heartburn more than twice in a week. When you notice one or more of these heartburn acid reflux symptoms you should think about taking over-the-counter acid reflux medications to get relief from the accompanying pain.

Heartburn acid reflux symptoms are also experienced at night and such symptoms may be a reflection of an esophagus that has been damaged, which means that you must consult a doctor at the earliest to get the symptoms treated.