Heart Attack Vs Heartburn Symptoms - Knowing the Difference

Those of us who are unfortunate enough to suffer from chronic heartburn will know how alarming the pain can be, particularly when it is felt in the chest area. People who suffer from heartburn for the first time will be especially surprised by the feeling and it is no wonder that people often confused the symptoms of heart attack vs heartburn.

It is easily done as it can be difficult to understand how heartburn could possibly cause such severe pain in the chest. However, it is important to know the difference as it could either safe your life or prevent you from inadvertently wasting a doctor's time. It is always important to be safe rather than sorry so if there is any confusion, a doctor should be consulted immediately but it is also handy to understand heart attack vs heartburn symptoms.

Heartburn symptoms vs heart attack symptoms are generally feels of burning and/or pain in the abdomen and chest. It can even lead to vomiting in some cases and often occurs after a large meal, or during the night. Heart pain itself feels more like a pressure or tightness in the middle of the chest and a pain that can cover the face, neck, shoulders and even arm. It often causes sweating and shortness of breath and tends to be associated with stress and exertion.

Unfortunately, both conditions can vary so it can be hard to tell the difference especially as some people suffer from a burning sensation during a heart attack. Severe heart attacks can be easy to diagnose but not every attack is the same and it is vital that the condition is stabilized within a few hours of the attack occurring.

When to Worry about the Symptoms of Heart Attack Vs Heartburn

Learning about the symptoms of heart attack vs heartburn is one thing but deciding on which one is actually occurring is another. Only a doctor should diagnose a heart attack so it is important to consult one as soon as possible if there is any doubt at all. There are some things we can watch out for, however, such as what exactly triggered the episode.

Lying down straight away after a large meal is more likely to result in heartburn while chest pains suffered while running down a road in a stressful situation is more likely to be caused by a heart attack rather than heartburn. Heartburn can usually be eased by consuming an antacid or similar item so if the pain is continuous even after trying a variety of heartburn remedies, it may be time to visit a doctor or the nearest hospital.