Finding Pain Relief from Bad Heartburn

Heartburn afflicts a large amount of people on a minor scale but for the unlucky few, heartburn can become so severe that it affects their quality of health and becomes a scary experience. Searching for pain relief when suffering from bad heartburn is essential especially if you cannot sleep or dread eating a meal because you know what is to come.

Heartburn can cause people to suffer in silence but the good news is that there are pain relief solutions to bad heartburn. Treating excessive pain and discomfort caused by heartburn can involve some experimentation and even lead to taking daily medications but any solution will do when heartburn adversely affects us on a regular basis.

For most people with bad heartburn, pain relief can not be had from simple antacids. Instead acid inhibitors can be needed which in turn can have some side effects and cannot be taken while on some other medications so this is not a solution for everyone. Heartburn can get so bad for a number of reasons and finding pain relief from the symptoms can even call for surgery in more serious cases.

Corrective surgery can be the only way to stop excess stomach acid from refluxing back up into the esophagus and causing pain and burning sensations. Extreme cases of heartburn often need a more permanent solution and these types of surgeries can eradicate the need for daily medication.

Natural Pain Relief against Bad Heartburn

Very severe cases of heartburn often require going through every method of medication and pain relief available and sometimes end up with surgery but for those who do not wish to go down this road and would be prefer a more natural route, there are also options. Natural pain relief against bad heartburn should start with a change of lifestyle and a number of days that consists of a healing process.

Those suffering from bad heartburn more often than not have a damaged esophagus resulting from the sheer amount of acid traveling throughout this area and this needs to be healed. Pain relief against bad heartburn while the esophagus is damaged requires eating soft, mushy, alkaline foods for a few days and avoiding anything sharp, spicy or strongly flavored.

Afterwards, care should be taken of the foods eaten and raw or lightly cooked vegetables and fruits should be eaten as much as possible. Food should be chewed properly and eating should stop when a person feels comfortably full and not when they feel bloated or too full. If bad heartburn occurs, natural pain relief methods can include baking soda, chewing gum, club soda, vinegar, milk and a whole host of other consumables.