What You Need To Know About Acid Indigestion

You hear the term "acid indigestion" so frequently in television and radio advertisements that you probably feel as if you are expert on acid indigestion. But do you really know what it is and when to see a doctor?

What Is It?

Acid indigestion is a twin to heartburn, but they are slightly different, as all twins are. Heartburn's burning pain feels as if it's behind your breastbone, around where your heart is, while indigestion's pain is located in the pit of the stomach, which is in the middle of your torso. With heartburn, you feel the uncomfortable burn of digestive acids up in your throat and even in your mouth. With acid indigestion, the acid stays in your stomach and only sometimes will you feel burning all up your esophagus.

So, what is your body doing that creates the pain of indigestion? Your stomach is making far too much hydrochloric acid, which normally secretes out of the walls of the stomach's cells. A little hydrochloric acid is normal and safe in the stomach - without it, you wouldn't be able to break your food down into energy. But too much damages the stomach. If do not try to do something about your acid indigestion, you will most likely get an ulcer.

What Are The Causes?

There are many causes of acid indigestion, known technically as hyperchlorhydria. It is most likely that it is caused by a combination of factors instead of just one substance or event that could be avoided. It is hard to avoid developing acid indigestion, but it is possible. Here are some of the causes currently thought of as starting your stomach on the road to indigestion:

* Too much alcohol: Alcoholic drinks make the stomach produce far too much acid than it needs to. Cut out, reduce or highly water down your drinks.

* Too much food: And eating the wrong kinds of food can trigger acid indigestion. It is best to have smaller, more frequent meals, eat a wide variety of foods and cut down on processed foods, animal fats and junk food.

* Not enough exercise: Exercising will not only get rid of any excess weight, but will help your body digest its food more efficiently.

* Too many medications: Some over the counter and prescription medications can irritate the stomach and give you acid indigestion. Even if you take too many antacids, you may wind up triggering an acid indigestion attack.

When To Go To The Doctor

If you have acid indigestion more than three days a week for two weeks, see your doctor.