Indigestion Is A Pain In The Chest

Indigestion medicines occupy a good portion of the shelves in the pharmacy and on the shelves of the grocery store because so many people suffer from this condition. Indigestion can rob a person of a restful sleep, the enjoyment of a great meal and a lively conversation. This condition has several different symptoms that are annoying and frightening at times. Indigestion sometimes feels like a heart attack to those who have never experienced the symptoms of either before the symptoms strike. Other symptoms of indigestion are also painful and worrisome. People will find that this condition could cause flatulence and burping which could be embarrassing along with the pain.

The millions of people who turn to medications for indigestion usually do so after consultation with their primary physician. After the initial scare from the symptoms, most people are relieved when the doctor tells them that their condition is not serious and treatable. The doctors often ask people to take a series of tests before they reach their final conclusion, but most people with indigestion have a condition that can be treated with the medications from the shelves of the pharmacy. Several medical tests should pinpoint the problem, and the doctor will usually make several recommendations.

Lifestyle And Diet Can Solve The Problem Of Indigestion

Indigestion is often the result of eating the wrong foods or too much of perfect foods. The foods that cause indigestion for some people are the right foods for other people. Some of the foods that cause this condition are full of nutrition, but they have too much acid. Some foods are just too rich for the digestive system of some people. Citrus fruits are quite nutritious, but these can cause some people to suffer the symptoms of indigestion. These people should eat bananas and apples rather than grapefruit and oranges.

Many people have the symptoms of this condition at bedtime and after a rich or spicy meal. People suffering from this condition will probably be advised to elevate the head of their bed so the acid from their stomach does not regurgitate into the esophagus. Those disturbed by the symptoms will probably be advised to avoid the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. The doctor might advise the patient to avoid using aspirin and other medications that cause the symptoms. Pregnant women might suffer from the symptoms of indigestion until their baby is born. Most people will find relief from the uncomfortable and painful symptoms once they take the necessary steps.