Shrof Incense Has Tradition Of Indian Culture

The making of incense in India has been considered an art in India for many centuries and it is said that Indian incense offers an aroma not like any other. Shrof incense comes from one of the premier incense producer in the country and it is shipped globally with sandalwood and rose being two of the company's most popular scents.

Two types of Shrof incense is currently manufactured masala and charcoal. Masala incense is made with dry ingredients while charcoal incense uses unscented charcoal containing liquid scents. Using essential oils in many of their blends, Shrof incense is often used for medicinal purposes not only in India, but in many other parts of the world as well. The term masala means spice blends in India as well as in many other countries, and the spices blended into incense can be blended for specific results.

While sandalwood and rose may be the largest sellers for many companies, but many blends go into Shrof incense, with some being unfamiliar in the western world. In addition to masala, it has many sub-categories such as durbars made with very complex scents. A combination of sweet and spicy unknown outside the eastern world, and are available in solid and liquid form. Mixed in a binder that never dries out, the sticks are soft to the touch and burn longer that usual incense sticks.

Liquid Scents Can Evaporate Over Time

When making masala incense sticks, the solid spice ingredients are blended together to form a paste, which is then rolled onto bamboo sticks used as a core. There are no liquid scents added as it can evaporate over time, leaving Shrof incense smoldering without the benefit of aroma. Another sub-group of masala incense is champas, contains the liquid ingredient from a native Indian tree. The natural ingredient, halmaddi in resin form has a flowery odor and resembles the champa flowers in India giving it its name.

Dhoops incense, typically black in color, is made by extruding the incense with the style of Shrof incense will lack a core stick. This type contains concentrated spices and produces considerable more smoke than typical masala incense. Charcoal incense uses an un-perfumed charcoal stick, which is dipped into perfumes or essential oils and uses a resin of usually sandalwood to help hold it all together.

There are numerous sources for Shrof incense both online and in stores that carry a full line of incense products. It is known for long-lasting aroma and for the offering of unique spice blends.